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3 symbols for accessibility: hear, see, touch

Consulting mandate: digital accessibility for the AOK

With more than 26 million insured persons, the AOK is the largest statutory health insurance in Germany. In addition to the federal association, it consists of 11 independent regional AOKs, which cover several federal states.

As a public sector body within the scope of the EU Directive 2016/2102, the regional AOKs - like all other statutory health insurance companies - must meet the EU-wide harmonized standards for accessibility and some additional requirements of the German BITV 2.0 (Barrierefreie-Informationstechnik-Verordnung). For such a large and at the same time decentralized organisation, this represents a particular challenge

In the course of a public tender, we convinced with our concept and a corresponding package of measures and thus won a consulting mandate lasting several months. Now we are accompanying the process for digital accessibility so that the legal requirements are met in the best possible way within the implementation deadlines. As a first step, we carried out numerous audits of AOK websites and mobile apps in order to analyze the current status and make future improvements measurable. At the same time, we developed extensive guidelines in close cooperation with the AOK federal association. These guidelines are intended to support the individual projects and development teams, provide qualitative and practical support for existing and new projects. The guidelines were made available centrally to the regional AOKs. d-SIRE also led through an introductory webinar for the project managers at the AOK federal association and the regional offices.

We would like to thank for the very good cooperation in this first phase and look forward to continuing to support the process.

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Miele launches global brand campaign

In 2019, Miele not only celebrated its 120th anniversary, but also had their largest product launch in the company's history: the ‚Generation 7000‘ line of premium built-in appliances.

The global digital campaign focuses on four protagonists (including three celebrity chefs) who emphasize the premium character of the brand and fill the campaign claim "#LifeBeyondOrdinary" with culinary life. The dishes will be prepared on Miele Generation 7000 built-in appliances.

d-SIRE supported the extensive production of the online advertising media through the various project phases of the campaign. The product features were showcased in a high-quality manner; furthermore, an interactive mobile format with short video clips was developed.

The omnichannel campaign for Germany started after the world premiere at the IFA in Berlin 2019, followed by a global rollout.

Zanzu.no - Sex Education Portal for Norway

Zanzu is a sex education programme aimed particularly at adult migrants. It was originally designed by Sensoa, the Flemish expert centre for sexual health and the German Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA). With its particularly simple, pictorial presentation and reading functions, it provides low-threshold information on these topics, while also taking into account culture-specific sensitivities.

Due to the high acceptance of the German Zanzu website which was realized by d-SIRE, the BZgA received a request from the Helsedirektoratet, the Norwegian Directorate of Health, to adapt the offer for the Scandinavian country as well. The implementation currently covers six languages - from Norwegian to Arabic - and was realized by d-SIRE based on the CMS TYPO3.  

SeeYou App – Create your Party Invites with Augmented Reality

The creation of your next party invite will not only be easy and playful, it will also be full of impressive visual effects: The app "SeeYou" by LBS Nord will provide an exceptional Augmented Reality experience just for this purpose.

Users can create individual invitations and send greetings for a wide variety of occasions. The chosen setting is personalized with (sometimes shrill) 3D objects, own texts, photos or videos - even a giant flamingo can be placed on your living room table. After finishing the composition, an invitation is created, which then can be shared with your prospective guests as an image or video via WhatsApp, Messenger or directly in social networks such as Instagram Stories.

d-SIRE has been responsible for the cross-platform app development as well as for the UX and UI design. The app is available as a free download for iOS and Android in the respective App Stores.

PlasticCheck – active against ocean pollution

Orange Ocean is part of a global movement to counteract plastic pollution of the oceans. The nonprofit organization is working on different projects in the area of research, clean-up activities and particularly media events. It focuses on pragmatic solutions that can bring scalable change. Raising awareness of consumers is a prerequisite for their activation.

As a supporter of Orange Ocean, d-SIRE has developed the PlasticCheck, a tool to calculate potential personal savings of plastic waste. The result of one's commitments can be shared in social networks.

d-SIRE was responsible for the interaction concept, visual design and technical realization of the PlasticCheck.

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Streamlined CMS workflows for a global editorial team

The distinctive feature of Crystals from Swarovski is the editorial team, which is spread all over the world and produces content in different languages. Editors can translate relevant content originating in other world regions into their own language version. Our task was to make the CMS workflow as frictionless as possible in order to make a maximum of regional stories globally available - while still ensuring the high visual quality standards of the brand.

d-SIRE was responsible for the concept, design, frontend development and Wordpress implementation of this multilingual site.