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Swarvoski website on different divices

„Genius” in the Global Digital IQ Index

In 1895, visionary Daniel Swarovski made the village of Wattens in Tyrol his chosen home and established a company that would process crystals. His innovative crystal jewelry stone polishing method revolutionized the fashion industry. As a result, Swarovski evolved into the world’s leading manufacturer of precisely polished crystals.

Today, Swarovski’s consumer business comprises accessories, jewelry and home décor collections. The products are distributed through more than 2,200 boutiques around the world and last, but not least through the company’s own online store, which makes the portfolio available in 30 countries and in 8 languages.


d-SIRE has been a partner of Swarovski in the consumer goods segment since 2006. As a digital lead agency we have had a significant impact on the further development of the store platform in recent years and have pushed it into the direction of mobile commerce. The challenge of simultaneously developing adequate production formats for a premium brand and to combine these developments with a strong focus on performance is one we love to embrace time and again. The editorial segment “Styles & Trends” and the Wink Blog ensure authenticity and give the online presentations their emotional charge.


Analysis and consulting, concept, design, frontend development

Douglas startpage on a desktop computer

E-Commerce for Europe’s No. 1

In Europe, when someone talks about perfume stores they talk about Douglas. With its comprehensive multi-channel strategy, the European market leader in the beauty segment has established an outstanding position for itself.

There are good reasons why Douglas received several awards for best multichannel presence in recent years. The integration of numerous services, including the Douglas Beauty Card, convinced the award juries, as did the content offerings and the unique product selection, which is made accessible in a highly user-friendly manner via the navigation structure.


d-SIRE has been working as a digital agency for Douglas for more than 20 years. The variety of projects reflects almost the entire spectrum that e-commerce offers today: Large shop relaunches are just as much a part of this as the ongoing support with promotions, competitions, newsletter marketing as well as website maintenance and the production of advertising material. We have built up and managed the online and performance marketing for all channels for several years. As interim managers, we worked on site and provided comprehensive support for the entire UX sector. Usability tests were accompanied by us, resulting in significant conversion optimizations. Last but not least, d-SIRE was involved in awarded innovation projects: For example, we developed digital instore applications for a pilot store - such as "Make-Upload" or the "Interactive Perfume Shelf" – with strong online and social media integration.


Analysis and consulting, interim management, UX concept and design, design, frontend development, performance marketing, backend development (for campaigns and promotions), application development

Crystals from Swarovski website on different devices

The Ingredient Brand’s Success Story

Swarovski can look back on a long partnership history with icons of the fashion world, including Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and Christian Dior. Today, the company still cooperates closely with high-end brands and world famous designers in conjunction with international fashion projects. Hence, Swarovski crystals can be found on the red carpets of this world time and again, where they give the products on display a touch of luxury.

The close collaboration between Swarovski as an ingredient brand and the creative partners from all over the world results in the continuous creation of breathtaking products that are presented in an attractive way on both, the website and a magazine app for consumers.


Prior to our partnership, the ingredient brand (at the time under the company name SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS) still presented itself as a straight-forward flash website: Nice to look at, but difficult to use and impossible to find for search engines. Hence, we found ourselves confronted with a vast array of challenges: How do we achieve the best possible balance of strong brand presentation and maintenance efficiency? How do we highlight the diversity of B2B partners, products, topics and events in a manner that is relevant for consumers?

In response to these questions, the online platform “Crystals from SWAROVSKI” now offers a continuous flow of inspirations in various formats: Comprehensive online specials, such as the Wedding Directory are among those offerings along with an online magazine, which is published monthly. Employees in different regions of the world maintain the Crystal Blog, which presents an attractive mix of global and regional topics.

The synergistic relationship between the ingredient brand and product manufacturers has become absolutely tangible and has turned it into a communications tool both sides appreciate.


Analysis and consulting, concept development, design, frontend development, mobile application development

Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof
Aktion Mensch FrageZeichen campaign website on a desktop omputer

“We” Wins – Always

The Aktion Mensch’s mission is the advocacy for improved living conditions for handicapped adults, children and adolescents and to foster inclusion – interaction on an equal basis – in modern society.

Its three activities – social lottery, support and provision of information – are closely interlinked: About 4.6 million people participate in the lottery on a regular basis and thus provide the financial foundation. As a result, it has become the largest private non-profit for the common good in Germany. At the same time, the association draws the public’s attention to societally relevant issues through nationwide information campaigns and activities in Germany. The advocacy work of the Aktion Mensch always focuses on a beneficial outcome for all. This is also underscored by its motto “We” Wins – Always.”


In 2001, long before everyone began to use the buzzword “Web 2.0,” the Aktion Mensch initiated a comprehensive grassroots information campaign that aimed at triggering a conversation among the people online. The 1000-questions-iniviative focused on the subject of bioethics and, among other things, resulted in the compilation of a book comprising nearly 10,000 questions, which was handed over to the Ethics Council that had been appointed by the German Federal Government and which had a major impact on the political developments.

This project is just one example of the pioneering societal role the Aktion Mensch has assumed since the turn of the millennium and which d-SIRE has had the pleasure to accompany in numerous projects. Among the highlights was the advocacy campaign "5000xZukunft" (which started in 2004) and the largest information sharing project to date - "dieGesellschafter" (started in 2006). The advocacy for handicapped accessible web sites also was a very early issue we tackled and it motivated us to consistently work on our related skills to attain perfection.

Since 2011, today’s core topic – inclusion – is one of the matters the Aktion Mensch pushes for with great intensity. In digital media, d-SIRE provides pertinent support. Other major activities will follow – so things will stay riveting.

The project specific responsibilities of d-SIRE comprise the entire palette of our service spectrum from concept development, design and frontend development to backend implementation.


Analysis and consulting, concept development, design, frontend and backend development, web analytics

Marc O’Polo webshop auf different devices

Premium Casual Fashion for Individualists

Marc O’Polo, one of the leading modern casual brands in the premium segment, also presents its consistent, urban and relaxed lifestyle vision for those who expect more in its online store. One of the hallmarks of the brand, which has its origins in Sweden, is its commitment to natural fibers. The collections are distributed to 7 countries through a multi-lingual store on the demandware platform.


The online store, for which d-SIRE developed the concept and design, impresses with a balanced mix of premium product presentations, inspired shopping options and numerous stories. The vast consulting competency is also evident in the newly created “Looks” page featuring trendy outfits. Marc O’Polo styling teams create new suggestions on an ongoing basis. The focus of the project was equally on brand aesthetics, optimum usability and a high conversion rate. On the frontend, the responsive web design does its part to guarantee the best possible store utilization on all devices.

During the pitch, d-SIRE convinced us with its optimum blend of premium brand presentation paired with excellent store performance. Besides its high concept and design service achievements, the agency is especially impressive because of its creative and technical capabilities, which helped us a lot during our E-commerce project, which included a platform change and the introduction of a responsive web design.

Alexander Lechner, Head of eCommerce, Marc O’Polo


Concept, design, frontend development

LIEBESLEBEN Website on different devices

LIEBESLEBEN: Don’t give STI a Chance

„Open, communicative and modern – this is what the new brand LIEBESLEBEN will stand for”, says Dr. Heidrun Thaiss, Director of the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA), about the new platform to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STI).

The BZgA intends to continue the success stories of its previous campaigns „Gib Aids keine Chance” (Don’t give Aids a Chance) and „mach’s mit” (do it with condoms). Since 1987, it has done pioneering work in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention which also became well regarded internationally. For more than 10 years, d-SIRE has been in charge of most online activities and has received the prestigious BIENE award for accessible websites.

Campaign communication for LIEBESLEBEN started in May 2016 with a series of cartoons. In addition to the core message „use condoms”, it also aims to reduce threshold fears to visit a doctor in case of a suspected infection.


The topical spectrum of LIEBESLEBEN has been extended beyond HIV and AIDS and now encompasses the prevention of a broader range of sexually transmitted infections. Besides targeting heterogeneous target groups with various forms of sexual orientation, it also covers sensitive issues of interpersonal communication: If I have been diagnosed with a STI, how can I talk about it with my partner?

Information and personal consultation services are supplemented by an extensive section for pedagogues and social workers: These professionals are provided with a multitude of playful methods to be used in their local prevention efforts.


The visual concept is based on the Atomic Design approach: It achieves maximum consistency across all devices while giving content administrators a high degree of flexibility. In the project, d-SIRE was responsible for consulting, concept, visual design, development of the responsive and modular frontend as well as for CMS implementation with TYPO3.

Start page of Swarovski Optik on a laptop

Because Some Moments are Once in a Lifetime

Tyrol-based company Swarovski Optik manufactures and distributes high precision optical instruments. The slogan “See the Unseen” symbolizes the brand promise that its products will allow people to experience special moments in nature observation in an entirely new dimension.

In this case, the quality concept extends far beyond just technology. Only a perfectly aligned package of excellent optical components, functionality, ergonomics, design and services can meet these expectations. The combination of tradition, manufacturing experience, quality consciousness and innovative power is not only the company’s recipe for success but also the foundation of a sustainable corporate strategy.


The re-launch of swarovskioptik.com has considerably elevated the digital brand experience and the tangibility of the brand for users.

An online store for 12 countries in 4 languages is at the heart of the web presence. With the assistance of rich, large images, the experience worlds of binoculars and telescopes are shown in an impressive presentation that triggers desires and buying impulses simultaneously. On this website, the bridge between the technically sophisticated products and their highly emotional applications has been built thanks to numerous embedded videos that are seamlessly linked to social media content.


Concept, design, frontend development

CHRIST online store on a laptop

Fascination Jewelry and Watches

Germany’s number 1 jewelry retailer does not only offer premium quality products and excellent service, but also very special jewelry ideas and an amazing shopping experience at its more than 200 retail stores.


In the digital age, customers expect more than outstanding products and superior service: Successful online stores trigger desires, are click efficient and have a high level of conversion orientation.

The objective of the first project phase was the redesign of the all-encompassing side frame and adaptation of the new corporate design as well as the optimization of the most important access paths. The new homepage with its generous image formats creates an emotional basis that triggers stronger click activities. The placement of the teasers reflects relevant user needs in a consistently relevant manner: The spectrum ranges from topically seasonal entries and brand specific specials to clearly sales generating elements.

Large menus offer diverse and direct links to pieces of jewelry and watches. The central landing pages for the core categories have been standardized and elevated thanks to editorial elements that provide the basis for more storytelling. This applies in particular to product worlds that differentiate Christ from the competition, such as “Jette”, “Premium” and “Diamonds”, which now attract a lot more attention.


Concept development, design

Swarovski Professionals B2B portal on different devices

Digital Sales Support for Business Clients

Swarovski crystal elements are synonymous with perfect brilliance, quality and perfection. The have inspired generations of creative talent and allowed artists to bring to life their own innovative products in the fields of fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design and lighting. However, time never stands still: in recent years, the market environment of the company’s business clients has become considerably more diverse, individual and sophisticated. The B2B portal is a central element to ensure that the needs of the B2B target group will also be optimally accommodated in the future.


The portal, which was launched in May 2014, attained a new developmental level for the management of relationships with business clients. Now, for the first time, the entire crystal elements catalog is available online without a login requirements. Powerful filtering functions help site visitors to find what they need among the vast selection of different crystals.

In addition, professional users now also have the option to utilize other offers along the value chain – starting with the design, to application services and manufacturing to the sale of the finished products. Given that the management of personal relationships is an absolute top priority for Swarovski in its premium segment, a lot of emphasis has been placed on lowering the bar for contacts: The aim is to generate new leads for potential new accounts and to continually stay in touch with existing customers.

The B2B portal is designed to be completely responsive, which ensures optimum usability on all devices in an exemplary fashion. The modular structure of the content pages also facilitates the ongoing website maintenance.


Analysis and consulting, concept development, design, frontend development

Yogi Tea
Website of the World Aids Day on different devices

Living in a Positive Community – Not Just on December 1

Since 1988, December 1 – the World Aids Day – is the most important HIV-related day of advocacy and remembrance. Governments, organizations and associations host numerous activities around the world on this day to launch calls to action and to demonstrate solidarity with individuals affected by HIV.

The BZgA organizes the German campaign in partnership with the Federal Agency for Health, the German AIDS Advocacy Association and the German AIDS Foundation.


In recent years, the World Aids Day campaign has gone through some notable changes: While a few years ago, celebrity testimonials by famous Germans such as Boris Becker, Christiane Paul or Phillip Lahm were still considered the primary contributors, the approach has been changed step-by-step to a dialog-driven, site visitor activating direction. The call to declare solidarity was sent out in the worldwide web and drew hundreds of thousands of responses on the campaign platform and on Facebook.

HIV infected patients and their personal environs are now at the heart of the campaign as protagonists. The current campaign “Positiv zusammen leben” (Living in a Positive Community) focuses on personal “ethical questions” and encourages tolerance. After all, most people know that they are protected against HIV infections in their everyday lives. However, in those situations where this knowledge is key, some still don’t trust it – fear is stronger. That’s why "Positiv zusammen leben" asks the all-important question: What would you do?

Since 2008, d-SIRE has participated in the digital extension of the campaign from a concept-development and a design perspective and is fully responsible for the technical production (frontend development, CMS implementation). The site received the renowned BIENE Award for its high level of handicapped accessibility.


Concept, design, frontend and backend development

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