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Biotech Revolutrion with seRNA

SRTD biotech is a German company that has set itself the goal of developing a revolutionary treatment method using seRNAs. This first pro-drug technology at the RNA level targets various oncological, genetic and viral diseases.

d-SIRE hat für das Start-up das komplette Corporate Design gestaltet. Von der Entwicklung des Logos, über die Kreation der Bildwelten und des Illustrationsstils, bis hin zur Geschäftsausstattung.
Darüber hinaus haben wir die Website entwickelt und auch das Pitch Deck für die Finanzierungsrunden aufgesetzt.

seRNA for a new era of therapy

Many life-threatening diseases cannot yet be treated effectively. Even when therapies do exist, they too often do not specifically target the diseased area, leading to a high risk of severe side effects. To overcome this fundamental problem, SRTD biotech has developed seRNA (selectively expressed RNA) as a new therapeutic approach.

A broad Field of Applications opens up

seRNA enables the development of an innovative platform technology for the treatment of cancer, viral and genetic diseases that works exactly - and only - where it is supposed to.

SRTD biotech has set itself ambitious goals in the development pipeline, which it intends to realize together with its investors.

Services provided for the client

  • Corporate design development
  • UX conception
  • UX design
  • Frontend development
  • CMS implementation (Wordpress)

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