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Front of a local AOK branch with a large logo
AOK extends accessibility consulting mandate
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July 14, 2021

AOK extends accessibility consulting mandate

We are very pleased to have also succeeded in winning the AOK's second Europe-wide tender with regard to digital accessibility, with which we can now continue the successful collaboration that began in 2019 through 2025.

With an expanded scope of services, we are now consulting - in addition to the AOK Federal Association - all eleven regional AOKs and will again carry out numerous audits of websites and apps as part of this mandate. In addition, we are supporting the teams of the health insurance company in increasing the accessibility of online offerings through Plain Language and videos in German sign language.

Birkholz Perfume Manufacture
Online store for the Berlin perfume manufactory BIRKHOLZ
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April 7, 2021

Online store for the Berlin perfume manufactory BIRKHOLZ

"The most beautiful compliment is the smile on your lips, conjured up by the perfect fragrance." says perfume sommelier Philip Birkholz. The individual BIRKHOLZ perfumes are creations for people who are looking for something very special. Highest quality ingredients with up to 25% perfume oil content. Exclusive design. Personalizable. Handmade in Germany.

Based on Shopify, d-SIRE has launched the online store for, whereby the exquisite compositions can also be purchased online directly from the manufactory. A fragrance navigator assists in finding a new favorite perfume, as do the sample sets that customers can customize. Anyone wishing to embark on a virtual scent journey with the perfume sommelier can book this via a reservation tool.

A visit to the impressive perfume bar with its fantastic filling station near Ku'damm is also worthwhile to get perhaps the best whiff of Berlin air!

Beautiful. Powerful. You.
New Online Shop for Judith Williams
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January 21, 2021

Beautiful. Powerful. You.
New Online Shop for Judith Williams

Judith Williams is a personality brand and beauty expert. She is a businesswoman, family person, investor in the TV show "Höhle der Löwen" and a socially engaged ambassador. An enabler. Out of love for cosmetics, she founded Judith Williams Cosmetics in 2007 and became the most successful brand in European shopping TV. Today, it has grown into a company with international reach and European production facilities, a successful company with a face and a lot of passion!

Since December 2020, Judith Williams has also been selling her cosmetics products for the first time directly through digital channels. Her strong personality naturally takes a central role in the online store – because no one knows the products better than Judith Williams herself, and no one else could present them more convincingly.

Our task was to combine emotional storytelling with a unique shopping experience to create an extraordinary brand experience. In addition to the development of the visual and interface design, we were responsible for the communication concept, content modeling, wireframing, digital user experience, and SEO. The store implementation was done by a technical service provider in close cooperation with us.

Campaign motif for World AIDS Day 2020. Johanna (30, HIV-positive) and Simon (31, HIV-negative). Johanna says: "Our problem is housework - not HIV".
Campaign launch for World AIDS Day 2020
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December 1, 2020

Campaign launch for World AIDS Day 2020

Under the title "Living with HIV - different than you think", this year's World AIDS Day campaign is showing the reality of HIV-infected people in their everyday lives. Contrary to common belief, they emphasize that an almost completely normal and relaxed life with HIV is possible, and that the infection hardly plays a role in their daily routines.

The World AIDS Day takes place annually on December 1. It aims to promote solidarity for people with HIV and AIDS and to counteract discrimination. It also reminds people who have died as a result of the infection and calls for access to prevention and medical care for all people worldwide. 
Initiators are the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (German Federal Center for Health Education, BZgA), the Deutsche AIDS Stiftung (German AIDS Foundation) and the Deutsche AIDS Hilfe (German AIDS Federation).

For this year's campaign, d-SIRE has updated the World AIDS Day website and further optimized the accessibility of the website. Technically, the redesign was realized with the Content Management System TYPO3. 

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