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Everything is going digital. We will provide you with systematic advice for sophisticated assignments – with foresight and most important, with a focus on the practical.


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Customers appreciate our structured approach and our dependability. Thanks to modern professional methods, 40 d-SIRE employees consistently deliver high quality projects – always on time.


Stumbling stone of Anton Joseph Scherpfenstein - next to it is a smartphone showing the same stumbling stone with explanations.
Stolpersteine Deutschland – an App against Oblivion
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November 9, 2022

Stolpersteine Deutschland – an App against Oblivion

An app to commemorate people who must never be forgotten: In conjunction with the "Stolpersteine" (stumbling stones) art memorial, we would like to digitally support the culture of remembrance for the victims of National Socialism.

To do this, we use and compile publicly available data from the online encyclopedia Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap. The personal stories and fates are thus made directly accessible at the places in Germany where they were written. Already at launch, more than 20,000 Stolpersteine are available in the app. More will be added by us on a regular basis.

The largest decentralized memorial in the world: "A person is not forgotten until his name is forgotten," Gunter Demnig quotes the Talmud. To commemorate the victims of the Nazi era, the artist inserts small brass memorial plaques into the sidewalk in front of their last self-chosen place of residence or work. Demnig began with a first stumbling block in 1992, and there are now more than 80,000 in over 1,000 German communities and 21 countries. The art project is considered the largest decentralized memorial in the world and focuses on the people who were persecuted, murdered, deported or expelled during the Nazi regime.

Free download of the app for iOS and iPad OS and for Android devices

Three screens of the Wine Festival app with an overview, a list view and a detail view
Taste & vote – with our App for the Wine Festival
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July 7, 2022

Taste & vote – with our App for the Wine Festival

"In 80 days around the wine" is the motto of this year's wine festival in Koblenz. The festival invites all wine enthusiasts to get to know the regional wine-growing regions as well as that of the guest region Wachau from Austria. The app, developed by d-SIRE, offers extensive content about the festival wines, winemakers and wine regions and provides daily updated information and dates for the numerous events. In addition, visitors can vote for their personal "Wine of the Day" and win attractive prizes.

The election of the "WeinKaiserWein" is the highlight of the event, which takes place over the entire festival period: the wine that has particularly captured the hearts of festival guests is nominated via the app's voting tool. After the unveiling at the closing event, this wine may ceremoniously bear the award "WeinKaiserWein 2022" until the next wine festival.

You can download the free app in the iOS App Store and in the Google Play Store.

Front of a local AOK branch with a large logo
AOK extends accessibility consulting mandate
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July 14, 2021

AOK extends accessibility consulting mandate

We are very pleased to have also succeeded in winning the AOK's second Europe-wide tender with regard to digital accessibility, with which we can now continue the successful collaboration that began in 2019 through 2025.

With an expanded scope of services, we are now consulting - in addition to the AOK Federal Association - all eleven regional AOKs and will again carry out numerous audits of websites and apps as part of this mandate. In addition, we are supporting the teams of the health insurance company in increasing the accessibility of online offerings through Plain Language and videos in German sign language.

Birkholz Perfume Manufacture
Online store for the Berlin perfume manufactory BIRKHOLZ
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April 7, 2021

Online store for the Berlin perfume manufactory BIRKHOLZ

"The most beautiful compliment is the smile on your lips, conjured up by the perfect fragrance." says perfume sommelier Philip Birkholz. The individual BIRKHOLZ perfumes are creations for people who are looking for something very special. Highest quality ingredients with up to 25% perfume oil content. Exclusive design. Personalizable. Handmade in Germany.

Based on Shopify, d-SIRE has launched the online store for, whereby the exquisite compositions can also be purchased online directly from the manufactory. A fragrance navigator assists in finding a new favorite perfume, as do the sample sets that customers can customize. Anyone wishing to embark on a virtual scent journey with the perfume sommelier can book this via a reservation tool.

A visit to the impressive perfume bar with its fantastic filling station near Ku'damm is also worthwhile to get perhaps the best whiff of Berlin air!

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