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Digital accessibility becomes mandatory for all public sector bodies
September 24, 2018

Digital accessibility becomes mandatory for all public sector bodies

The first stage of the directive 2016/2102, with which the European Union has significantly extended accessibility requirements regarding the public sector, has entered into force on September 23, 2018. In Germany, the directive has been implemented by supplementing the Bundesgleichstellungsgesetz (Federal Equality Act). Websites as well as PDF and office documents that are published after this date need to be provided in an accessible form within twelve months. We have summarized the most essential aspects of the directive on this page (German language only).

As specialists for digital accessibility, we will gladly answer your questions on current and future requirements.

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Smart kick-off for Kaufhof
September 13, 2018

Smart kick-off for Kaufhof

With Galeria Kaufhof, d-SIRE welcomes a new and renowned entrant in our client portfolio. Since spring 2018, we have supported the Cologne-based department store chain in various online and omnichannel marketing activities.

For our first publicly visible project, d-SIRE has created a sweepstake with a Smart as the top prize in all nation-wide stores. The key campaign goal was the generation of newsletter permissions – online as well as from Kaufhof's bricks and mortar presence.

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Aktion Mensch: Familienratgeber relaunched
July 31, 2017

Aktion Mensch: Familienratgeber relaunched

The online portal "Familienratgeber" provides a great variety of valuable content and services for people with disabilities and their families.

Two aspects have been identified as essential as the starting point of the user journey: On the one hand, the local vicinity to a counselling center, on the other hand, the specific living conditions of people. A nationwide database enables the search for regional offerings which can be filtered by various attributes. The Familienratgeber connects people with over 25,000 initiatives, organizations and social services. Access to extensive information is achieved by selecting from phases of life and by a topical structure.

d-SIRE has redesigned the Familienratgeber visually and implemented it responsively in order to offer the best possible experience on all devices.

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"It's your love life – protect it"
July 21, 2017

"It's your love life – protect it"

"Gib Aids keine Chance" (don't give Aids a chance) and "mach's mit" (join in) belong – without any doubt – to the most successful education campaigns of the last 30 years. During this period, the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA, Federal Center for Health Education) has achieved an enormous awareness and long-lasting impact on society.  Since 2006, d-SIRE has been in charge of the web-related activities of the AIDS/HIV prevention department.

With the new umbrella brand "LIEBESLEBEN" (Love Life), the BZgA has opened up a new chapter: The previous focus HIV/AIDS is extended and now also includes a variety of other sexually transmitted infections (STI), their symptoms and exposure routes. In addition to this, new target groups are actively addressed in highly differentiated communication forms.

The newly launched website separates the main target groups on a top level. However, the homepage is dedicated to the information needs of the general population. Two further channels offer professional content for educational workers and journalists.

In order to successfully communicate to a heterogeneous population, the new website dispenses with a conventional hierarchical structure. Instead, the main navigation is conceptualized as a guided search with attributes that can be combined: By doing so, it is possible to easily filter all relevant content to a specific topic with one click.

The modular design concept is based on the Atomic Design approach and ensures consistency across all devices as well as maximum flexibility for content editors to create new pages. Within the project, d-SIRE has been in charge of concept, visual design, development of the responsive frontend and CMS implementation (TYPO3).

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