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Picture: A group of jubilating people. Two lottery tickets in front.
New at REWE:
Aktion Mensch Lottery Tickets
October 20, 2015

New at REWE:
Aktion Mensch Lottery Tickets

To usher in this year’s Christmas sales season, Aktion Mensch is boosting its presence in brick and mortar retail stores. Effective immediately, shoppers will be able to purchase vouchers for lottery tickets offered by the Aktion Mensch at around 3.300 REWE stores all over Germany. 

Single month or all year lottery ticket vouchers are available at stores for purchase. They have to be activated and customized after they have been paid for and make ideal ad-hoc gifts for every occasion. Customers activate their vouchers either online or via phone: Using a PIN code to identify themselves, voucher holders enter their personal data to be used to contact them if they win. As soon they have entered these details they participate in all upcoming drawings for the eligible period.  

To make this project technically possible, several new interfaces to external partners had to be installed, which are now operational in highly available systems. In conjunction with this project, d-SIRE was in charge of the front end detail concept, the visual design and the HTML implementation of the activation sites.

Picture: A shampoo bottle
Optimum performance on all devices -
the new ADA Cosmetics Store
June 9, 2015

Optimum performance on all devices -
the new ADA Cosmetics Store

In 2013, ADA Cosmetics advanced to the Top 100 of Germany’s most innovative medium-sized companies. Boasting an integral product concept, high functionality and modern design combined with ecological consistency, this European leader and supplier of hotel cosmetics has set new standards in its industry. 

To also represent this stance in the digital world and to make it possible for end consumers to enjoy an optimum user experience on all devices, the new store was designed to be highly responsible and efficient. Based on the E-commerce platform Oxid eSales, d-SIRE developed the entire website and implemented the backend. 

Picture: Two men
Aktion Mensch makes inclusive encounters possible
April 20, 2015

Aktion Mensch makes inclusive encounters possible

Encounters can be inspiring, surprising and even irritating. Of course they may also mark the beginning of special relationships. However, in our everyday lives personal interactions between handicapped individuals and others tend to occur quite rarely. Consequently, by launching a new campaign focusing on the topic “encounters,” the Aktion Mensch is striving to advance its efforts to create an inclusive society. 

The campaign was rolled out with the video “Das erste Mal” (The First Time): In an unusual casting scenario, about 20 applicants met a second person without any prior briefing except that they were to interact with each other. The pairs scheduled to meet included one person with and one without a handicap. The video shows the surprising and frequently humorous moments as they arose during this experiment. Just a few days after it had been posted online on various platforms, it had already attracted hundreds of thousands of views and generated overwhelmingly positive responses.

The video promotes the Aktion Mensch’s new campaign platform, which will be continuously expanded over the coming year. An interactive quick test covers typical situations that put individuals with and without handicaps in contact with each other and also highlights the uncertainties they face in terms of their behavior. The bridge between encounters in the actual and the digital world has been built by using the hashtag “#begegnet_in” (met_in) with the aim of fostering inclusive encounters through social media and to document such encounters through the posting of selfies. This will   also be the focal point of the upcoming PR event on Equal Rights for Handicapped Individuals on May 5th, which is slated to become the “Day of Interaction.” 

In conjunction with the campaign, d-SIRE will be responsible for the online concept, design and frontend implementation.

Picture: A group of models
Responsive Marc O’Polo web store on demandware
November 24, 2014

Responsive Marc O’Polo web store on demandware

As one of the foremost modern casual brands in the premium segment, Marc O’Polo is launching the go-live of its new online store. Consistent with its brand message, the company is presenting itself as a protagonist of an urban, relaxed lifestyle driven by sophisticated standards.

The assertive website is brilliant thanks to its balanced mix of premium product presentations, inspired shopping options and numerous stories. The fashion brand’s high level of consulting competency is just as evident in the newly created looks section featuring trendy outfits, which are constantly revamped and updated by Marc O’Polo styling teams. Awarded equal importance as the brand aesthetics aspects, the web designers focused on achieving optimum usability and a high level of conversion orientation as they worked on the project. On the front end, the responsive web design is definitely part of what makes the use of the store optimal on all types of devices.

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